Thursday, 15 July 2010

Reclaiming Our Village

In a small effort to “reclaim our village” and to force myself to look forwards, I’m going to open an exhibition here at Crown Studio Gallery on Saturday 17th July called “A Celebration of Rothbury”.  It will mostly be a selection of my landscape paintings of the area.

BUT one of the exhibits will be a notice/pin-board, where I will be inviting people to add their own recollections/ observations on the theme of “A Celebration of Rothbury”.  

I invite you to make a contribution to this.  It doesn’t need to be a major literary work; it doesn’t even need to be clever (!), just genuine. It could be a sketch, whatever you would like to express.  The important thing is that it should help us to remember just why we are here. Leave messages here in the comments or send them via email which you will find on our website

I’ve already had a contribution from Sophie Woolley, playwright and actress who played Gabriella in “Cast Offs” on Channel 4.  She writes the simple- but heartfelt message,

“I stayed in a posh B&B in Rothbury in December, it was brill.”

I will keep collecting contributions until September 1st, by which time I will have decided on how to use these messages in an art work. 

Lynda Taylor, Crown Studio Gallery, Bridge Street, Rothbury

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